Preparing for a Showing

Your home has gone live and is viewable on all of the marketing sites. Now, we have a showing scheduled. What is more exciting than someone wanting to see your home? Could they be the home’s new owner? Let’s make sure we are ready! You should have already explored and executed Getting Your Home Ready to Sell and Adding Curb Appeal, so this should be easy since some of these items are repetitious.

These are a few additional tips to help your home find its new owner:

  • Remove clutter, remove clutter, remove clutter!
  • Keep it clean. Make sure that the interior and exterior of the home is clean. If necessary, hire a professional to help with the upkeep during the duration of the showings and stay on top of your yard maintenance.
  • Maximize comfort. Keep the A/C set no warmer than 75 degrees and heat no cooler than 70 degrees. If applicable, in the summer, shut A/C vents on the first floor so more air will get upstairs. Reverse the process in the winter.
  • Performing a sniff test. Make sure that your plug-ins are turned on and working. For quick fixes in the kitchen, cotton balls soaked in vanilla extract or orange juice can instantly make the fridge a nicer-smelling place. Boil lemon juice in your microwave, then add it to your dishwasher to eliminate odors. You can also run lemon rinds through the garbage disposal for a similar effect.
  • Set the scene. A bright afghan or new accent pillows, easily jazz up a room. Pretty dishes or a simple centerpiece of lemons help buyers picture themselves living there. Try staging a chess game in progress. If you have a fireplace, lay fresh logs or a basket of flowers there.
  • Make the bath luxurious. Make sure to put away all personal toiletry items, including old towels and toothbrushes. Put out your fancy hand towels and decorative hand soaps.
  • Send the pets to the neighbors. Yes, they are our beloved four-legged children but it is best if they aren’t home. Many people are allergic to some pets and this cuts down on the risk of them refusing to view the home because a pet is present. If that’s not possible, crate or confine them to one room and let Meredith know so she can let the showing agent know where they will be so that there are no surprises.
  • LOCK UP ALL VALUABLES AND MEDICATION. This is probably the most important tip and it is best practice to follow this for every showing! Agents can not watch everyone all the time and can not be in multiple places at a time.
  • Head out. Although you want to stick around to hear what the people viewing your home have to say, it is best that you are not home during the time of the showing. Once it is received, Meredith will provide you with feedback from the showing.