Preparing for the Photoshoot

Because more homebuyers utilize the internet, we view many homes online before even considering going to view them in person. Some homebuyers moving from out of state will never see your home in person before considering to purchase it. This is why it is important to have a photographer take high-resolution photos of your home. Professional photographers have a way of accentuating the beauty of your home through the magic of their lens. When working with Meredith, your home will be professionally photographed and she has included a few tips that will get your home ready for it’s very first photoshoot. If you have previously visited and implemented Getting Your Home Ready to Sell and  Adding Curb Appeal, this will be a breeze.

Photo lens shot.jpg

Here is how to make your home shine through the lens:

Understand the camera’s perspective. The camera’s eye is different from the human eye. It magnifies clutter and poor furniture arrangement so that even a home that feels comfortable in person can look jumbled online.

Make it Spotless. Cameras also tend to magnify grime. Don’t forget floor coverings and walls; a spot on a rug might be overlooked in a regular home showing, but could become a focal point through the lens.

Know what to leave. We always want to avoid clutter. Try tiering some of your items at different heights. For example on an end table: Place a tall but appropriate lamp (high), a small plant (medium), and a book or decorative coaster (low).

Grab your own camera and snap a few shots. It is important to see what your home will look like on camera before the photographer shows up. Explore the photos and identify any changes that need to be done to improve the room’s appearance, such as rearranging furniture, opening blinds, picking up children’s toys, etc.

Downsize. Removing one or two pieces of furniture from each room, even if it is just for the shoot, can make your space look larger through the lens and on the screen.

Rearrange. What do you see when you walk into your home and rooms? We want to spotlight the flow of your space by creating a focal point on the furthest wall from the doorway and arranging the other pieces of furniture to make a triangle shape. The focal point may be a bed in a bedroom or a china cabinet in a dining room.

Accessorize. Add a little bit of greenery, by placing a plant in every room. Grab a bright vase to spice up some neutral décor. Even draping a colorful afghan over a chair or couch can add some energy to a space. Now having said that, adding color in moderation is best.

Keep the home in shape. When buyers like what they see online, they expect to see that when they visit your home so it is important to maintain this appearance.